Fees & Services

Our Fees & Services

If you wish to discuss your situation first then we offer case assessment. This can be arranged here .

We are VAT registered (registration no. 280457495. If you live in the UK then our fees are subject to 20% VAT (added on)

Detailed Case Assessment (45 mins video call) - £75 plus VAT of £15 (total £90)

Entry Clearance / Out of Country application

Family visas

Type of Application Family settlement - fiancé, spouse, partner, child

From £1500 plus VAT of £300 if application (total £1800)

Dependant applying with main applicant (if applicable)

From £600 plus VAT of £120 if applicable (total £720)

Type of Application Visit –

Family, tourist (No prior refusal) - From £450 plus VAT of £150 if applicable (total £540)

Family, tourist (prior refusal) - £1200 plus VAT of £240 if applicable (total £1440)

Marriage visit - £1200 plus VAT of £240 if applicable(total £1440)

Business - From £2300 plus VAT of £460 if applicable(total £2760)

Type of Application - citizenship

Registration / Naturalise as a British Citizen

Application for a British passport (abroad)

From £1200 plus VAT of £240 if applicable(total £1440)

Work visas

Type of Application - Start-up / Innovator

From £5500 plus VAT of £1100 (total £6600)

Type of Application Work visa categories

From £1500 plus VAT of £300 (total £1800)

Dependant - from £550 plus VAT of £110 (total £660)

Type of Application - Ancestry

From £1500 plus VAT of £300 (total £1800)

Sponsorship licence

Initial consultation - £300 plus VAT of £60 (£360)

Application - £3550 plus VAT of £710 (£4,260)

Leave to remain / In-Country application

Type of Application

Further leave to remain: Bio-metric resident permit

From £750 plus VAT of £150 (total £900) - new client

From £650 plus VAT of £130 (total £780) - returning client

Type of Application

Leave to remain / overstaying: Bio-metric resident permit

From £1500 plus VAT of £300 (total £1800)

Type of Application Indefinite leave to remain

From £1200 plus VAT of £240 (total £1440)

Type of Application

- No time leave bio-metric resident permit

From £450 plus VAT of £90 (total £540)

- Status Access Request

From £350 plus VAT of £70 (total £420)

Criminal Deportation

Response to s120 Notice

From £3000 plus VAT of £600 (total £3600)

Prison / detention centre visit

£350 plus VAT of £70 (total £420) (per visit)

plus travel if outside West Midlands (please see below).


Type of Application: Stage 1 To start and prepare the appeal from £1800 plus VAT of £360 (total £2160)

Attendance at Tribunal hearing - £1200 plus VAT of £240 (total £1440) (plus travel if outside West Midlands)

Type of Application: Stage 2 Application to First Tier Tribunal for Permission to appeal on a point of law -

Existing client - £650 plus VAT of £130 (total £780) - existing clients

New client - £1800 plus VAT of £360 (total £2160)

Type of Application: Stage 3 Application to Upper Tribunal for Permission to appeal on a point of law

Existing client- from £650 plus VAT of £130 (total £780) - existing clients

New client - from £1800 plus VAT of £360 (total £2160)

Preparation for appeal re-hearing - £2100 plus VAT of £420 (£2520) plus Barrister fee


Type of Application Naturalisation or Registration as a British Citizen

Child - from £550 plus VAT of £110 (total £660)

Adult - £750 plus VAT of £150 (total £900)

Judicial Review proceedings

Pre-Action protocol (Notice to Home Office before court proceedings)

Challenge to Home Office delay - £250 plus VAT (£300).

Substantive application - From £1200 plus VAT of £240 (total £1440)

Judicial review - request for permission to proceed

From £1500 plus VAT of £300 (total £1800)

Further costs to be advised dependent on civil procedure. Estimate between £3000 plus VAT of £600 (total £3600) and £10,000 plus VAT of £2000 (total £12000)

Immigration Detention / Bail

Type of Application Chief Immigration Officer bail

From £1200 plus VAT of £240 (total £1440)

Type of Application Immigration Tribunal Bail

From £1200 plus VAT of £240 (total £1440)

We usually aim to submit the application within two - four weeks of receiving instructions. The Home Office will then process the application. You can check the Home Office website for processing time here

The work is carried out by our Solicitor, Rachel Okello, who qualified in November 2002.

Our fee includes:

  • Initial attendance: face-to-face, over the phone or via video link

  • Written advice about the legal requirements and immigration rules relevant to the application

  • Advising on the documentary evidence to support the application

  • Liasing with third parties (court, barrister, experts) as required to progress the case

  • Reviewing the supporting evidence provided and preparing it for submission

  • Assisting with obtaining further evidence eg from third parties eg GP / experts

  • Preparing application with detailed submissions as required

  • Finalising application with supporting evidence ready and submitting them.

  • Providing updates on progress and

  • Responding to any Home Office / Tribunal queries

  • Advising on outcome of application

Our fees quoted above do not include:

1) Any VAT payable at 20% (added on)

2) Any Home Office Fees payable to the application. You will pay this to the Home Office directly as part of the application process. You can check the Home Office fees for your application here

3) Other third party expenses where applicable such as:

a) Expenses for any expert evidence which we advise should be obtained to support your case. This can be between £300 - £2000. Some barristers charge VAT which means that 20% should be added on top of their fee. We will advise beforehand if VAT is payable and give you the quote with the VAT added on.

b) Barristers fees which depend on the experience of the barrister. We obtain a quote first however, the fees are likely to be around £750 - £3000 for representation at a court hearing.

c) Other costs as notified such as our travel costs to court which can be between £50 - £150;

d)Tribunal court fee for example for an appeal is £80 for a hearing on the papers and £140 for an oral hearing.

e) Court fee to start judicial review proceedings is £154.

f) If our hourly rate applies you will be informed and this will have regard to the court guidance on the government guidance for Solicitors. This can be found here.