Home Office Increases Limited Leave to Remain Immigration Fees…Again!

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Home Office Fee Increases:

Effective from 9 am on 24th July 2024, there will be a big increase in application fees. This change affects all applicants, including those filing in-country applications under Appendix FM as a parent or partner. The fee will surge by 20%, rising from £1,048 to £1,258.


What is Limited Leave to Remain in the UK?

Limited Leave to Remain in the UK is a legal status granted to individuals who are permitted to reside in the United Kingdom for a temporary period, but with certain restrictions on their stay. This immigration status usually leads to indefinite leave to remain (ILR) which means the person can live in the UK permanently without any restrictions.


Limited Leave to Remain grants individuals the right to live in the UK, work, study, do business and take trips abroad. By understanding the rules of this immigration status and fulfilling the requirements set by the Home Office, individuals can navigate their stay in the UK legally and achieve their long-term immigration goals, which can include British citizenship.

Planning Ahead:

If you have limited to leave to remain and you are concerned about being able to afford this fee increase then you have few options:

  1. Check if you can make the application early so it is submitted before the fees go up.
  2. If you are on a low income and you cannot afford the Home Office fee, then you can take advice about applying for a fee waiver.
  3. You should also check whether you are eligible to apply for indefinite leave to remain or British citizenship.
  4. You can also get advice about changing to a different immigration route which has a lower Home Office fee, such as a skilled worker visa, if you are eligible.
  5. You can also speak to a solicitor who carries out legal aid work to see if you qualify.

Navigating the UK immigration system can be complicated. If you're feeling overwhelmed or unsure about how to proceed, seek guidance from an immigration specialist. 

We offer a private consultation, by video or at our offices, designed to give you advice suited to your unique circumstances, ensuring you understand your options and can decide confidently on the best path forward to resolve your UK Immigration matter. You can book a consultation here: https://www.clarityvisas.com/book-a-consultation 


Staying informed about UK immigration, like the topic of this blog, is essential for anyone who is subject to immigration control in the UK. By understanding the impact of these changes and planning accordingly, you can navigate the process more effectively and achieve your immigration goals.


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