1. Solicitor partners (sole practitioner, full equity partner, member or director) 1.

2. Age range 45 - 54

3. What is your sex? Female

4. Disability (according to Equality Act 2010) No.

5. Day-to-day activities limited due to health problem or disability lasting at least 12 months No

6.Ethnicity Caribbean

7. Religion or belief - Prefer not to say

8. Is the gender you identify with the same as your sex registered at birth? Yes

9. What is your sexual orientation? Heterosexual

10. Which school type did you attend for most of the time between the ages of 11 to 16?

UK State-run or state-funded school (non-selective) Yes

11. Did either of your parents attend University and get a degree? No

12. Work of the main/ highest income earner in your household when you were aged about 14 Routine, semi-routine manual and service occupations such as: postal worker, machine operative, security guard, caretaker, farm worker, catering assistant, sales assistant, HGV driver, cleaner, porter, packer, labourer, waiter/waitress, bar staff.

13. Primary carer for a child under 18 Yes

14. Time spent providing unpaid care for those with long term physical or mental ill health caused by disability or age No